Our leading Brand Celfix DNA, incorporates Celzyme technology that supports the body’s fight to restore and repair DNA damaged by UV radiation from everyday sun exposure. Celfix DNA helps in the elimination of DNA damage thereby avoiding the consequences of UV damage (fine lines, age spots, discoloration, rough skin texture and reduced elasticity). The elimination and repair of DNA results in the proliferation of fresh young skin cells and the slowing of the aging process. The enzymes that comprise Celzyme technology are engineered from marine and botanical sources and contains optimal levels with up to a trio of powerful enzymes.

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    Total Eye Complex

    Avoid the consequences of DNA damage

    • iQUAD INFUSION™ includes Celzyme Technology™
    • Helps the body repair DNA damage and attack aging at the source
    • Peptides facilitate blood flow; help reinforce firmness, reduce dark circles and under eye puffiness
    • Intense treatment helps regulate cell activity and restore a youthful appearance

    Clinical Support:
    Studies on the iQuad Infusion™ peptides show a 45% reduction in fine lines and wrinkles in just 8 weeks1


    Facial Serum

    Avoid the consequences of UV damage

    • Celzyme Technology™ DNA recovery enzymes support the body’s DNA repair process
    • Repair of DNA damage helps avoid the signs of skin aging from surfacing
    • Formulated with botanical amino acids that provide additional antioxidant protection to help reduce DNA and cell damage
    • Hyaluronic acid helps normalize skin moisture balance and restore skin radiance

    Clinical Support:
    Studies show 20% decrease in UV damaged skin cells after 4 weeks and up to 70% in 12 weeks1


    Nourishing Cream

    Renew and nourish your skin

    • Celzyme Technology™ DNA recovery enzymes support the body’s DNA repair process
    • Rich in moisturizing and restorative ingredients
      • Hydrating ceramides
      • Milk lipids
      • Rosemary extract-derived ursolic acid
    • Nourishes skin to compensate for moisture lost to skin aging

    Clinical Support:
    Studies show Rosemary extract increased ceramides 30% in 11 days1